<h2>WHAT TO-DO IN THE B&B </h2>

Star gazing from your outdoor space
Relax in your own room
Waking up to the birds singing
Pre Breakfast” go to the gym and be guided in the following bodyweight exercises: 5 Tibetans, stretching of the meridians….
Breakfast, Cruelty Free!
Breakfast” Try a professional Shiatsu treatment of the desired length (book early!).


A dip in the sea, and a sun bath at the fantastic wild beach of “black sands”, the free beach “Castle” or specially equipped “Isola del Pescatore” or “Il Marinaio”
A sports activities such as Surf / windsurf / Sup / canoe at the famous dellacosta spots such as the Castle, Banzai, Toscana and Ocean Surf; or a bike ride, running or trekking in the surrounding area.
A cultural visit to the Castle of Santa Severa, the Archaeological area of Pyrgi or at the Etruscan necropolis of Banditaccia in Cerveteri.
A nature hike in the mountains of Tolfa in search of roads and forgotten landscapes at Allumiere municipalities, Canale Monterano, Manziana and Tolfa.
A visit to the regional nature reserve “Macchiatonda” or the natural monument “Torre Flavia Marsh
A day at the spa, at the bathrooms Ficoncella in Civitavecchia or the Stigliano spa park.
A dive in history with a visit to Rome and its monuments.
An evening stroll along the promenade of Civitavecchia, dinner in a pizzeria or trattoria and stop on the way ritornoa Santa Marinella for an ice cream, a slice of watermelon or a fruit salad.

Do not hesitate to ask for information about these and other possible activities to do in the time of your stay in Baia Benessere (“Wellness Bay”).