Many people on holiday looking for peace and relaxation, or a recharge of energy through new and pleasant experiences, in a word wellness.
Baia Benessere is also a cultural and sport association, so it’s a center with a study / gym where members for members can take fitness classes, yoga, gymnastics and Shiatsu.

Professional Shiatsu massages [or better to say treatments] are managed by Marco Iacomelli that after attending a four-year course at the ‘Italian Academy Shiatsu-Do and done a lot of practical experience, now is the operator recognized shiatsu APOS – Association of Professional Operators and Teachers Shiatsu.

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WHAT IS SHIATSU (Japanese for: shi finger, atsu pressure)

A manual processing  whose theoretical and practical derive from the ancient philosophical traditions of the Far East roots.
The father of this practice, tokujiro namikoshi, stated: “Shiatsu is the embrace of the mother to the child.”
It aims to awaken and / or harmonize the energy and deep resources vital functions of the individual and uses techniques and principles clearly defined.
The universally recognized and peculiar mode of this treatment is the perpendicular pressure, constant and / or modulated in a rhythmic fashion, exercised with the weight of the body and using the vital center (hara, Japanese or tan den, in Chinese) operator, of areas, points and energy meridians.
To exert the pressure, mainly use their thumbs, but according to the needs and styles, you can use other parts of the body such as the palms of the hands, elbows, knees, feet.
The treatment is done, usually on a futon (Japanese mattress tradition; both subjects are clothes and do not use oils or creams.)