The idea of the B&B [bed & breakfast] was born at a time when we had to decide what to do with old grandparents’ house in Santa Severa, but the idea was evolving with me.

For years I have been a supporter of a lifestyle  more natural, environmentally  and animal friendly, and i was looking for health and wellness.

This led me to inform me a lot, changing my diet embracing vegetarianism and then veganism, acquiring new awareness and driving significant gains on the physical, energetic and mental wellness.

By taking better care of myself “I discovered” Shiatsu, and after verifying its effectiveness, I have studied it and practiced it to become operator.
After living for a while in cities such as Civitavecchia and then Rome, in apartments and condominiums, I wanted a detached house with a garden  and the possibility to be surrounded animals.

The decision was easy: sell my house, find the resources to acquire the shares of other relatives and buy the home of the grandparents, to relocate to this quiet and charming village by the sea where I had spent some wonderful childhood moments.

Putting it into practice was not so easy but I did it, April 2015 start the renovation project, to build a house according to my ideal model: energy-saving, environmentally friendly materials, photovoltaic system, rainwater harvesting, hot water heat pumps and no gas. The result is a certificate of energy performance class A4, the maximum .

Since the host is part of my culture and family tradition, why my brand new home cannot become a point of sharing experiences and return some of the expenses incurred?

At the end of the work, in June 2016 opens up the bed and breakfast and accommodation for guests is brand new, nice and comfortable, like a very good standard hotel.

Simultaneously also it opens local office to offer shiatsu treatments, and be able to do fitness exercises and practice yoga.

Soon other initiatives will follow to make Baia Benessere  not only a stop for travelers and tourists, but also a cultural center dedicated to the study and promotion of veganism and natural hygiene, deep ecology, permaculture, shiatsu and other vitality and longevity practices.

Of course all this would not have been possible without the help of my parents,
Marino and Rina, I thank them infinitely along with Rossella, my partner in life and adventure!

Marco Iacomelli – Baia Benessere (that means Wellness Bay) eco vegan b&b, shiatsu and more …